Every once in a while I like to venture into a thrift shop to try my luck. On this particular day I was itching to make my way to Miami Beach; unfortunately for me I happen to be driving my aunts MONSTER pickup truck and I have NO IDEA how to park that beast. Parking in Miami Beach is rare and made for tiny compact cars. Because of this I sadly only drove by the beach. Ugh! Defeated I decided to instead make my way to a little thrift shop I’ve been meaning to check out.

The store is named Out of the Closet, quite popular on the West Coast and now inching their way to Florida. Its very neatly kept which makes navigating through the items easy and fun. I scored two pretty damn awesome wardrobe finds (more on that later), and these adorable golden coasters. It’s straight out of the 70’s or some cheesy old Vegas hotel. I love them. But I love that they only cost me $5 even more.
The coasters had some residue from use and perhaps age but it was nothing a little extra manpower and tarnish remover could not handle. It was actually a fun little DIY project… bringing them as close as possible to its original stage. And so after some rubbing and soaking I’m now the proud owner of fabulous golden Vegas style coaster. I’m thinking I should host a cocktail night at my place just to out them to use.
Six piece coaster set with holder
Tarnish Remover and a little arm power will get you started.
This one was my little black sheep. I swear I feel like I gained a muscle trying to restore it back to its original shine. 
I went straight to battle and put the shine on these bad boys.
And here we have it

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