I’m beginning to worry myself: the last few post I feel have been very fashion driven and well, although I’ve got style, this is NOT a fashion blog… it’s a little bit of everything blog. But alas once again this next one has a little fashion in it. But how could I not share my latest treasure find!? Sigh!
I took advantage of this beautiful lazy Saturday afternoon and went on a little thrift shop treasure hunt. I found a darling little place deep in my neighborhood of Riverdale, Bronx. The place is tiny and compact and its ran by a lovely old English lady. Doesn’t that just makes it that much more perfect? To find the goods you have to dig and dig hard…but the reward at the end is what its all about.

Pictured Above: This is my favorite of the two dresses I picked and the most expensive. A whopping $8! I love how pretty and delicate it looks and feels and the elastic waist is a plus. The best I could describe it as is a silk and gold metallic like fibers. Its a perfect date dress!
Here you get a closer look at golden metallics fibers. Sooo pretty!
This dress is soft and fun. It has pale strawberry prints throughout. I think its silk-ish also. I don’t know textures all too well. I like it because I think it’s transitional: perfect for Fall and with the right tights and waist length jacket, a perfect switch -up for the winter.
It’s quite sheer as you can see so the right slip is a must. This dress cost me $4.
THIS here is my reward for being so patient as I rummaged through the store. Baklava in all its glory. The thrift shop is approximately 30 blocks from my home. I took a bus in but decided to walk back since it was such a nice evening. I was skipping back home with glee after my find when I saw this tiny Greek restaurant. It was something right out of Mama Mia, I swear. So blue and pretty.  I didn’t stay to eat but I did pick this deliciousness up. YUM!!!
Go ahead and drool. Its OK. 🙂
I hope you like my latest treasure finds.  It was really a lucky girl today. Now for my next post I will have to concentrate on something with more of an edge.

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