Well, if you follow me on twitter and facebook this is now old news.  As you can see i’ve gone ahead and added a new ink to the collection – a lifeline heartbeat tattoo.  I’m in love.  This is now number five the previous one done last year in honor of my sick grandMOM – see here.  This made me think of her as well, although i doubt she would feel honored.  She of course is an old fashion abuela who finds this appalling.  Lol!

I’ve been contemplating a new one for some time now but nothing spoke to me.  In reality what i had in mind most people had in common.  No thanks.  This design wasn’t even on my radar.  It was as instant as the decision to get tattoos after brunch.  My obsession with pinterest goes places.  Ha!
Yesterday was a long, hot, and good day.  Thanks for a fun afternoon, Sasha (whom also got new ink).
Shout out to Josh in brooklyn at Three Kings Tattoo!

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