If i could i would wear jumpsuits like a second skin… although i’m always a bit intimated by my pear-shaped-body and the overall fit.  I am afraid it would enhance my already-too-wide hips.  I am great with rompers and actually own about 8 pairs but a full jumpsuit is something else.

This year however, seeing as how it has been making its way up the popularity poll, i decided to give it an honest try.  I went to my favorite online shopping sites and selected the ones i felt would flatter me most.  My first option is the green jumpsuits which can be found at ASOS. Classic, beautiful, and affordable.

I have it in my basket ready to order – i just need an extra push.  Ideally i would like to wear it for my birthday in a couple of weeks and hopefully, in an unrealistic world, i would look as good as Rihanna does above.
Do you like my selection?  I promise to post a pic should i press ‘purchase’.
It’s Hump Day Lovers.  Just a little closer to the weekend.

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