This is my triumphant cheesy photo. 
I promise to stop talking about it after this post.
Ladurée. As i mentioned last Friday, i made it my mission to find the store and fetch some of those yummy crispy little cake treats. And i did. I found the store. Hallelujah! Right up there on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

So of course i got lost in Central Park trying to make it from West to East, was caught in the middle some big movie production (The Avengers) and was not allowed to move. But i moved… in the opposite direction and got even more lost. Ugh! Once out the park i walked, you guessed it, in the opposite direction of the store (my internal GPS was off), made it back, only to find out there’s an amusement park type line outside the store. The line went as far as around the corner and included a double loop inside the tiny store once you’ve crossed the threshold. WHAT?!?!
My friend met me there; my pregnant friend by the way (bless her). We stood in line for TWO HOURS just for macaron! Not even in Paris i waited this long. Actually, there was no wait in Paris. Oh well, but since we were already there we stuck it out.
Inside the decoration was just as adorable and delicate as the French stores. It was beautiful. Fourteen delicious flavors awaited us and lots of pretty little boxes taunted the eyes. All of this along with other little treats to occupy all of your senses. The macaron may be a bit pricey but you look pass this once you’ve savored these little treats. The staff was patient and helpful and even passed out trays of samples to the awaiting crowd. And I do believe the chairman of Ladurée himself, David Holder, was there. A charming man, quite the gentleman and very helpful. Having Ladurée now in New York is a brilliant move on his part.
I firmly believe that Ladurée will be with us for a while. It must.  And although it was a long wait i have no regrets. This line i would endure again… i think. To my friends my advise is: wait until the hype dies down before going… unless you don’t mind waiting in line for a couple of hours. This is not like the lines for Magnolia… this is beyond. But i do promise you this, the triumphant result of having one of those macaron in your mouth will be well worth your time. Cheers!




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