Shout out to my friend Susan who found the first public baby photos of Lourdes Leon.  Scroll down. YAY!


I just had to add this simple post of Madonna and Lourdes.  Lourdes is such a lovely young lady (I just made myself sound like I’m 65yrs old) and just as creative and stylish as her mother.  These photos do make me feel old though; I can still remember those first Vanity Fair pics of Madonna and baby Lourdes… which I can’t seem to find anywhere on line, by the way.

I think we can all pretty much expect to see Lourdes in the spotlight  sometime in the near future.  On that same note, I have a feeling that she will be very grounded.  Madge seems to be a strict mum; at least this is what I’ve gathered based on past interviews – she’s no joke. 
Here is Madge and Lourdes at the recent NYC premiere of Nine.

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