It is now officially the fall season and thus follows the inevitable Sweater Weather post. I love fall. It is perhaps my most favorite time of the year.  I am more confident with my wardrobe and truly feel that i am at my fashion best when the leaves starts turning. I really hope i am not fooling myself here, but i do believe this. There is just something about layering and the comfort of a soft knitted sweater.

In the above board i selected some simple day-to-day pieces that can easily transcend from a day to evening casual look. My favorite is the fitted long-sleeve grey sweater with the leather collar by rag & bone. It’s spectacular and has endless possibilities. I am thinking of creating a holiday wish-list on my pinterest and pinning it there. Heads up familia!
Note: That little quote above is part of a song lyric i captured from this incredible dance video. The movement of the dancers is so captivating and emotional. I found this by chance. I simply googled ‘sweater weather’ not necessarily looking for anything in particular, and this video was displays. Love. Enjoy.

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