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Pulled over at the side of the road for a bit of silly picture taking. Ha!

My uninteresting whirlwind of a day in the State of Virginia; so meaningless and uneventful it’s not ever worth going into details… literally! I felt defeated mostly – i blame the heat. That damn heat! But alas being the person that i am, i manage to find ways of making the best of any situation. And so with the help of Instagram (my new best friend – like really, i don’t know what took me so long), here are my personal highlights of this one day road trip.

But first i do have to convey that the good people of Virginia were very kind, polite and friendly… although their daily pace was like watching molasses (says this jaded new yorker). Everything was so very pleasantville-ish. Know what i mean?
I would like to visit again soon but this time with eyes of a tourist… and minus the scorching 100°+ weather. Que calor, Dios mio!
There is something very tender and mystical about weeping willows.
My lame attempt at capturing government/historical landmarks. Bleh
Attempt #2
Dinner at the hotel was mouthwatering. This is some sort of fish. I don’t know fish so don’t ask me. All i know is that it was delicious. 
I’ve always been fascinated by tiny marmalade jars.
Something about me you should know is that i am easily amused by the most random of things. I consider this a gift, really.

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