Hot summer days are finally upon us and this is just the beginning. August I’m sure promises to be scorching. For the most part I try my best not to bitch about the weather {too hot. too cold}, but sometimes it’s simply impossible not too. It’s a recurring game of trying to find inventive ways to stay as cool as possible and this includes eating cool, light, and fresh.

This is why I was inspired to try this Watermelon Cake Recipe. A friend shared her successful attempt at it on her instagram feed and I was sold. The ingredients are simple and so accessible it would be a crime not to go for it. Plus, its fresh and healthy healthy healthy.

Go visit the Paleo Cupboard Website for this full recipe and step by step instructions.

Note: the recipe calls for two cans of full fat coconut milk which had to be refrigerated 6 hours prior to use. Ain’t nobody got time for dat! Instead I used thick vanilla flavored Greek yogurt. And oh yeah, this means it must be consumed within two days or less… don’t want you getting sick over spoiled yogurt.

Here are the step by step pics of my delicious success. Go ahead and give it a try yourself and get wild and creative with your toppings. Thanks for the tip, Magdalena!



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