Let me begin by saying that i am horrible at dating. Horrible.  I perhaps can still count on one hand the amount of times i’ve gone on actual dates. It’s just so awkward – you either say too much or too little.  I think i often say too much because i’m so nervous.  Or i act overconfident. Yes, i’ve done that. Dating is horrible!  I’ve already said that haven’t i? I’ve even tried a few of those social dating gathering where you are herded around the opposite sex for possible matching/mating.  Man, some of the characters at these things…. i can’t. Ugh!

When i think of the relationships i’ve had, we never really dated or went on a date. Well, maybe one… the thing is that it just happens. We start hanging around each other long enough and in time we’ve suddenly become a “we”. That’s how most of my relationships have evolved. Relationships that have lasted years wether it be good or bad…and to this day i can say that each of these guys are still my friends.  I’m a lucky gal in that sense i guess. So again, this dating thing, i don’t do it very well and its likely to be my downfall – i’ll be doomed to be a spinster for life. Do people still say that? Spinster? Am i aging myself here? But all in all i have to say that i remain optimistic.  Moving on.
Just recently SOYJOY gave me a glimpse of their Real Take On Dating webisode and asked that i share a fun dating story or anything of the like on their Facebook page. Sorry SOYJOY, i got nothing. NOTHING. This webisode however is pretty cool. It features dating expert and TV personality Destin Pfaff who is providing helpful advice for your (or my) future relationship. Ya, definitely for me because i’ve already failed on at least three of his tips. Pray for me.
So be sure to check out the Destin Pfaff quick tips on dating webisode and go onto SOYJOY’s Facebook Page and share your own tips and stories as well.  I personally am very interested in knowing other people’s take on this.

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