BREAKING NEWS: I purchased brand new kicks!!! … or running shoes as i much prefer.
Why breaking news? Oh, only because this is to replace my current pair which was purchased back in 2007.  And no i am not kidding – it’s embarrassing.  You see, i am not a “sneakers” girl (do we still call it that?) but for a person for which running is the only form of exercise they truly enjoy, well, i suppose sacrifices needed to be made.

I wanted to do research, i even did a thorough browse of The Hungry Runner Girl blog – one of my SOYJOY JOYTESTER partners in crime – but it was all too overwhelming.  I needed instant gratification.  And also once i set my mind on something i’m pretty much all about the action.
So with that i took to my neighborhood sporting store, explained my plight to the sales person, and soon left with these pretty cute NIKE Dual Fusion running shoes.  I took them for a trial run on the treadmill and we did about 4 miles together.  It was… cushiony.  Today (weather permitting) will be the true test – Central Park’s Reservoir.  Stay tuned.  This post may require an update. 

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