While everyone today goes on about their cyber Monday sales and whatnots, here instead i bring you part two of my week in LA. If cyber shopping is your thing today, cheers to you! Someone please link me to a good, cute, and affordable pair of winter boots. Thanks!

This trip feels so long ago now its almost awkward having to share. I had a lot of fun documenting my time in Cali and i was unapologetically touristy during my five days stay. These here at the highlights of some of the cheesy pics i took with my iPhone.

The timing of this trip was just right. I ran into so many familiar faces, faces that once belonged in New York and now call Cali home – i was a bit envious to be perfectly honest. I was very inquisitive and all ears as i listened to them talk about what made them make the move. All so very interesting. There were brunch, lunch, and dinner plans made.  There were places to see, things to touch, places to shop, networking to be done, and new friends to be had. It was fantastic!I intentionally planned this trip so it would coincide with my friends’ Sasha’s tour. She’s currently touring with the Broadway show Pippin as one of its leading player. I’ve known Sasha for over 10 years and i’m quite familiar with her work ethics, but never have i been more impressed than when i hung backstage and watched her run about. She was exhausted. She was literally functioning on fumes and yet managed to give her audience an incredible show. Impressive.

So here you have it. As i said, the photos are just a tiny recap of my days there. There were also some from Venice beach but i think i’ll just hold on to those. Thanks for visiting the blog as always and happy cyber monday shopping!

Post brunch at TOAST selfie
The Grove in the holiday spirit
Another brunch and with a view | The Rooftop Wilshire


My darlings | Matthew + Anat 
This sweet sweet man | David S
Pippin the tour at the Pantages Theatre
Backstage dressing room while Sasha ran back n fort to the stage
It’s all part of the journey – Sasha meeting her fans


So much talent here like you have no idea
LR: Amanda Brown, Sasha Allen, Kimberly Nichole | Brianna Michelle | Mua | Crystal Joy | Chester Gregory

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