Test Shot.  My nightstand.

After three days of self-imposed hibernation i decided that i was going to take my work outside.  I had not done one of these in while, where i just up and strolled my neighborhood with my trusty NIKON D40 at hand.  This winter has taken quite the toll on me and i’ve just about had enough.  Plus, i had plenty of cute cafes within walking distance  – it was time to escape!

I easily made my way to my favorite cafe, Barcey’s and settled myself down to work for a few hours.  To my dismay however, my loaner computer (yes, mine has officially kicked the bucket.  Apple are you reading this? This poor blogger needs a freebee, please.) would not pickup the wifi signal.  And so there went my productive day.

I happily sat there for an hour just people watching and Instagram surfing.  Carefree for just an hour was blissful.  Glad to be outside and for a little sunshine.  I was also quite happy with the photos i took as i made my way to the cafe.  And here there are.  This is just some of my Bushwick, Brooklyn.

My favorite Venezuelan restaurant.  #SOSVenezuela
Mural of patterns I
Mural of patterns II
Mural of patterns III
Mural of patterns IV
Discovered a new (new for me at least) thrift-shop near by. So many books.  Heaven.
Best color for lawn chairs.
Barcey’s, my favorite neighborhood coffee spot.
Super cute and with delicious treats.
Praying for wifi to work but nada.
Decided not fight against it and just sat and enjoyed my coffee.

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