Oh Amazon you sneaky bastard, how you’ve brightened my day. I did not expect this gem of a delivery until Saturday – at least that’s what you told me on yesterdays tracking email. You have made this gal supremely happy. I am titillated. 
See, this is my Christmas gift to myself – in particular GRACE A Memoir. GRACE captured and has had my full attention ever since The September issue. I cannot wait to gently rip through these pages… perhaps as part of my self-imposed one book a month challenge for 2013…?

And then there’s Funny Girl – a classic. No one does it like Barbra in this film. No one does it like Barbra ever! I could watch this film endlessly and never tire. My inner Broadway gal is about to be unleashed (i should warn the neighbors). Today will be a great day because today greatness was delivered at my door.  No, no there will be no raining on my parade today.
5 Life Lessons from Grace Coddington’s Memoir Excerpt via racked
1. Even if you don’t have perfect bone structure, you can still make it with your personality.
2. If Mom is proud of you, that’s all that matters.
3. No matter the time period, French people will always be cooler than you.
4. If you have to have sex, it might as well be with someone named Tinker Patterson.
5. Rock your own style, even if a more famous model steals it later.

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