I know the 4th of July holiday festivities are over but i’m still reeling from it.  It was the best one i’ve attended to date.  I went to a friends in Jersey who was hosting a backyard BBQ who luckily lived right across the Hudson  – the view was all that i could hope for and more.

The food was fantastic, the people were awesome, the drinks were refreshing, the heat… not so much.  Prepare yourself for some TMI, but we were constantly hydrating and eight hours later we still had no need for the bathroom. Ridiculously humid and HOT!
I tried not to move too much as you can see from my photo above.  I had ice cubes in that cup and i kept replenishing.  By 9pm we all moved to the rooftop – about 30 of us – and had one of the best view of the fireworks imaginable.  I’m not sure if i’ll be invited again next year but i hope they understand that i WILL be showing up…invite or not.  Once you’ve gotten a taste of that view you are likely spoiled and nothing else will compare.
PS. no firework pics. I was too mesmerized to grab my camera.
For a lot of you its back to the office reality.  I hope its not terrible – mid holiday breaks are the worst.  Make the best of it and just think… it’s almost FRIDAY!!!!
Thanks for an awesome day, Tal!!!

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